Hi, we are Gabriela & Marcos

In 2010, we made our first backpacking trip together. We ventured through Bolivia and Peru, what changed our lives once and for all. We got addicted by backpacking trips! Now, almost 10 years later, lots of countries visited and still dozens to do so.

And that’s how it was born Férias Contadas

In all these trips, we always tried to write something about what has impressed us, places we visited and experiences we lived. After some time writing, we decided to create in 2018 the website and the Instagram of Férias Contadas.

Since, we have put all our travel reports, chronicles and texts produced in the last 8 years in order to motivate to travel. We try to show you a different point of view from the places we visited and raise questions that many times, only a simple text would not be able to show. You’ll rarely find that out there.

Eu me chamo Gabriela Mesquita, criador do Férias Contadas.

My name is Gabriela Mesquita

I love travelling. Get out of everyday life and go to different places and live unique experiences. I try to show what I feel and live in the photos I shoot and in the texts I write. Anyway, I want you to travel too, even if it is inside your own head.

I have a degree in Business Management from the University of Brasília and I also have a Master’s degree from the same University. Today I’m a student at McGill University in Canada. In my free time, I am editor of the website and the Instagram of
Férias Contadas.

And I, Marcos Amaral

Traveling to me has always been more than just going to another place, taking pictures or counting how many countries I’ve visited. For me, traveling is living experiences and feeling unique sensations. More than a text, I try to translate what I lived in such a way that you can also travel.

I have a degree in Network Engineering from the University of Brasília and I have a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal. I work in telecommunications domain for more than 7 years, and in my free time, I am publisher and webmaster of the website and Instagram of Féras Contadas.

Férias Contadas on Instagram

So, when will your next trip be?

Are you motivated to travel? Not yet? Then go in the kitchen, get yourself a cup of tea and start reading our travel experiences now! I guarantee you will be at least motivated to plan your next trip out there.